Cows in the Kitchen

About me~

My name is Michelle, and I consider myself to be a simple, but ‘moving’ person.  I am not too complicated, hence the simple.  And for the ‘moving’? . . . I don’t mean moving and changing all of the time, but always looking ahead to something new and adventuresome to do.  My husband, Mark,  and I have been survived marriage for 23 years. (for another whole blog)  We have raised 2 lovely daughters, and are raising and homeschooling 2 energetic, full-of-life boys.  I was always up for a new venture when I was single, and since I have been married, I have pulled my husband (actually, truth be told, it was the LORD who moved his heart) along on one of our HUGE adventures, and that was the adoption of our 2 little guys almost 5 years ago from Russia.   Talk about out of our comfort zone. . . but we had guidance, and some friends who had gone before us, so we knew with the Lord’s help, that it was possible.  Hence the 2 little guys that we adopted.  Now, on to our next HUGE adventure~~our focus is on building a log home on our property.  I have only, as my husband refers to it, “supervised” and helped build a huge, strong deck on the back side of our pool that he and I built, so we have a ton of experience (NOT!).   Now, we are jumping into a home build?  It sounds crazy, (whew!) I know. . . but I know how God works, and how He guides, and I am trusting Him in this.  Our boys need space and real productive play to grow into the men that we believe the Lord wants them to be.  For our family, that will mean them being with us on this journey for the opportunity to help us build our home, and ultimately to raise animals and garden, and living a simple life in the country.  So scared excited for what the Lord has for us.  Really, it is scary, but also very exciting!  I can’t wait to jump in!  Lots of hard work ahead!  Let’s see what happens! Diesterhaft